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Singer, Harrysong Finally Reacts To Allegations Of Cheating & Domestic V!olence, Pleads With Nigerians (DETAIL)



Popular Nigerian singer, Harrysong has reacted to allegations by gossip blogger, Cutie Juls over his marital crises. Cutie revealed on her platform how Harrysong cheats on his beautiful wife with multiple women, how he maltreats her for birthing only female children, requesting abortion and seperation.


Singer, Harrysong Finally Reacts To Allegations Of Domestic V!olence, Pleads With Nigerians (DETAIL)



Cutie also added:

39 year old married a 20-year old lady.

3 years into the marriage, the lady gave her 2 children.

Now the lady is 23-yrs and the man is 42-yrs.

The 42-yr old is body shaming his 23-yr old wife with stretch marks on her stomach and sagging boobs.

Even though when he met the 20-year old old, she had firm standing boobs and no stretch marks on her tummy.

Omo! Hmm it’s only poverty that can cause all these nonsense. Cuz as Regina born, Ned give am money to do her body but Harry song is here body shaming his wife whose body changes is obviously as a result of childbirth which she doesn’t regret.

Harry Song, your children will judge you one day. Shame on you…

the girl was in school and the Harry promised to allow her continue and even fund her to advance her education. Fiam, after marriage he said the reason why he chose to marry a young woman of her age is because he doesn’t want anything to delay him having his children early. Even paid for the woman to have treatment so conception can be quicker. Now, don’t worry, let’s finish having our kids quickly so you can go back to school. As the 2nd pikin come be girl again, na there his nonsense character dey begin show small small. As 3rd pregnancy show and as God secretary that he is that knows the pikin is going to be another girl, he has intensify the ill treatment by making it promax. My dear it’s not that simple as you think


Harrysong post on his instagram story reads:

After much reflection and discussion with my family, i have decided to put out this to my fans and well wishers, that while this is undoubtedly a challenging time for my family on the stories making round on social media of the marital problems my wife and i are having. I am appealing to members of the public to respect my family’s privacy this period and also kindly request for your outmost understanding pls. Thanks for the love and support. #Harrysong


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