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My daughter June is m!ssing – Korra Obidi cries out, accus£s Ex-husband Justin Dean (VIDEO)



Nigerian singer & dancer, Korra Obidi recently revealed in a live broadcast on her Facebook page, about her daughter missing. Korra described finding out that her kid was missing when she went to pick her up from school.


My daughter June is m!ssing – Korra Obidi cries out, accus£s Ex-husband Justin Dean

She revealed how frustrated she felt, that she had to ask the professors a lot of questions, only to be met with the shocking revelation that someone had come in and taken her away.

The dancer reported June missing, accusing her ex-husband of being the main culprit.

Some comments online;


You made a mistake! Should have given a standing order for no one else to pick her up from school



why the school allowed random person picked her without your permission, to think she just started school the previous day .. this is confusing



Her father picked her up, or she was missing? Was he meant to pick her up or not?


See video below:

This is coming few weeks after Justin Dean revealed how easier being a single parent is compared to being married.

He acknowledged that while at first he thought it would make dating more difficult, reality has shown that “girls like a single dad.”

He said, “Being a single Dad is easier than the alternative [being married to my ex-wife]. I thought it would make dating harder but girls like a single Dad. They see a single Dad as responsible and family-oriented. Because a lot of guys here are not. I love it. Honestly, I love it.

“Being a single Dad is an important part of my life. Everything I do is for my kids. So, I work hard for them. I am a family man. I don’t like girls who don’t do anything.”

Dean’s marriage to Korra crashed in 2022 after he accused her of infidelity.

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