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“A Tribe Called Judah Is A 4/10 Movie, The Film Tricks Aren’t Realistic Enough, The Robbery Scene Was Poorly Acted Too” — Daniel Regha Gives His Opinion About Funke Akindele’s Gross Breaking Movie “A Tribe Called Judah”



Social media influencer, Daniel Regha has given his opinion about Funke Akindele’s gross-breaking movie “A Tribe Called Judah”.

Daniel Regha on a tribe called Judah

Remember, Funke Akindele has made the first record in Nigeria as her Movie grossed N1 billion at the box office.


Daniel Regha didn’t hesitate to share his opinion about the trending movie. The influenced rate is 4/20 in a post on his X account.


He wrote; “A Tribe Called Judah” is a 4/10 movie. Though a comedy genre, the film tricks aren’t realistic enough & the movie lacks comedy satire; Not to mention its p¤¤r ending. Furthermore, many scenes plus conversations were n¤t necessary cos they added n¤ value & made the movie long, an example is Ejiro’s begging scene in the first 20mins into the movie. The robbery/heist scene was p¤¤rly acted too. In addition, some actors d!dn’t nail their roles like Timini, Etinosa & Arukwe. However, Uzee Usman, Greg Ojefua, Tobi Makinde as well as Nse Etim, literally brought the movie to life. That said, the movie sheds light on a pressing issue (money laundering) which is commendable. No offense”.

Daniel Regha on a tribe called Judah

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