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10-Year-Old Girl Gets Pregnant (VIDEO/DETAIL)



A 10-year-old girl has reportedly got pregnant.

10-year-old girl pregnant

In a viral video that surfaced online, the little girl could be seen with a heavy baby bum.



This news left many internet users in awe of how a little girl not even a teenager can be pregnant.


Watch the video below:


Below is a quick findings done by MO on the possibility of a 10-year-old girl getting pregnant.


A pregnant 10-year-old would face significant and potentially life-threatening medical risks in carrying a pregnancy to term — and harrowingly, children even younger than age 10 can become pregnant.


Simply put, pregnancy is possible from the start of ovulation, meaning the point at which the ovaries begin releasing mature eggs, called ova, Dr. Melissa Simon, a professor and obstetrician-gynecologist at the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine in Chicago, told Live Science. It’s important to note that “you can start ovulating before you start having your first period,” and the release of an egg isn’t necessarily accompanied by any obvious physical symptoms, Simon added.


More commonly, ovulation begins after menarche, or a person’s first period, according to the medical database StatPearls. According to the latest available data, collected in 2017, menarche typically occurs between age 10 and 16. However, research hints that the age of menarche is trending downward, meaning the number of children who have their first period before age 10 is likely increasing, Simon said.

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