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“We Will F!ght Till One Of Us Can’t F!ght No More…… I Withdraw All My Apologies….. I’ll Show You That Cr@zy Side Of Me That You Have Been Evoking” – Laura To Iyabo Ojo



Popular influencer and fashion entrepreneur, Laura Ikeji has dragged Nollywood actress Iyabo Ojo over their messy fight at the finale of the famous SHOWMAX series, Real Housewives of Lagos (RHOL) Season 2.

Laura Ikeji on Iyabo Ojo
Iyabo Ojo was criticised by Laura for continually annoying her and trying to bully her. Laura claimed that they had an altercation in the previous season for which she had constantly apologised, yet Iyabo Ojo brought up the subject time and time again.


Laura Ikeji claims that she no longer has any respect for her former idol and that she has withdrawn all of her previous statements of regret.



Some of her post read; “Initially I didn’t understand the dislike, she explained in Dubai last year and I apologize, she brought it up again and I apologize, kept on apologizing oooo, same way the other lady apologized to her for something I didn’t even think needed an apology. We all did that cause of the age gap and very much the respect we had for her. We are Africans we are very respectful”.


“Funny thinf is that I used to really like her. This i communicated severally. I attended her event, stayed so late, even though I wanted to leave I didn’t want her to complain. I stayed there till after midnight but she still disliked me? Lol”.

Laura Ikeji on Iyabo Ojo Laura Ikeji on Iyabo Ojo Laura Ikeji on Iyabo Ojo

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