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“After Collecting 150k, New Generator, Iphone & Promising To Return Home, She Gave Him A…….” – Blogger Reveals Israel’s Anger Towards His Wife & Why He Brought Their Issues To Social Media (DETAIL)



A popular blogger, Cutie Julius has revealed why Davido’s aid, Israel DMW and his wife, Shiela are ranting online.

Israel and wife ranting online
She wrote; “Apparently what caused the online ranting is that;

After Shiela returned from Abuja about 2 weeks ago [she left on 28th August 2023], the 2 families started resolving issues.

So there was a meeting last week Wednesday between the 2 families where both couple were invited.

At the end of the meeting, Shiela accepted to return back to her husband on Friday.

Isreal then gave his estranged wife N150k with the promise that he will give her the N50k by weekend as he gives her N200k monthly allowance for her personal miscellaneous expenses.

On Friday, Isreal was expecting Shiela and her luggage but instead Shiela came and served him a divorce process letter.

Isreal according to sources at this point suspected that after the Wednesday meeting, Shiela had discussed the outcome of the meeting with her Abuja based friend, Ginika who most likely had talked Shiela out of her initial decision of returning back to Isreal as his wife.

So later that evening, Isreal went with some friends to Shiela’s mom’s shop to collect the generator and phone which he had recently bought her as a gift to help him talk to his wife to return back.

So that divorce process letter that was served by Shiela after she had agreed to return back to her husband, is what caused the whole online call out. 👩‍🦯”.

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