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My husband had a f!ght with Primeboy……he started complaining of discomfort after the nurse administered the inj3ction — Mohbad’s wife, Wunmi tells her side of the story (DETAIL)



Wife of late singer Mohbad, Wunmi Aloba gave her testimony of the events before the singer’s d£ath at the coroner’s inquest on Tuesday, November 7, 2023.

Wunmi stated in her testimony that her husband complained that he felt discomfort after the auxiliary nurse gave him an injection and began to vomit. This happened on Tuesday around 1 PM

Wunmi told the court that Mohbad had sustained a minor inj¥ry from a f#ght he had with his friend Prime Boy at Okorodu on Sunday, September 10, 2023

She said there were a lot of fans on their way out of the Ikorodu which made it impossible for them to leave.

He then told Prime Boy to tell his younger brother, Adura Aloba, to inform the bouncer that he wanted to leave. However, he was asked to wait till other artists had performed.

Mohbad became angry because he had been delayed for two hours. Prime Boy noted the fact that Mohbad’s brother was rude to him but he said he couldn’t scold his brother publicly.

According to Wunmi, she was seated between Mohbad and Prime Boy when the argument ensued. Mohbad got out of the car f¥riou§ly after Prime Boy called him Promise which he doesn’t like to be called publicly.

See screenshot for continuation:

My husband had a f!ght with Primeboy......he started complaining of discomfort after the nurse administered the inj3ction — Mohbad’s wife, Wunmi tells her side of the story (DETAIL)


In her testimony which lasted for over three hours, she told the court that after Mohbad complained of discomfort, his friend, Ajisegiri Ayobami AKA DJ Bami and the nurse both stepped out to get something. However when she, Wunmi, entered the room she met Mohbad on the floor and knew then that something strange was happening.

“I ran out to find help as Mohbad’s car was at the mechanic’s. I ran to knock on the gate of our neighbour who came to help carry him. There was a traffic jam on our way.

The driver touched Mohbad’s hand and said it was cold. We quickly came down to find a bike to take us to the hospital. The photographer was with Mohbad on a bike while I followed them on another bike.

“I stayed outside as they didn’t allow me into the ward as they took him in. A few moments later they told me he was d£ad. I didn’t believe and I quickly called Mohbad’s cousin Darosha to come because I didn’t believe the Doctor. Darosha took him to another hospital where he was said to be brought in d£ad,” Wunmi said in t£ars.


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