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“As A Minister When You See Something That Is Not Right, Correct It Immediately, Don’t Make Yourself A Superstar….” – Catholic Priest Reacts To Video Of Actress Ekene Umenwa Kneeling To Singer Moses Bliss At Her Wedding



An outspoken catholic priest on Facebook, Fr. Kelvin Ugwu, has shared his thoughts on actress Ekene Umenwa leaving her husband to kneel at the feet of singer, Moses Bliss who sang at her wedding.

Priest on Ekene Umenwa and Moses Bliss
Actress Ekene Umenwa wed Ifeanyi Ogbodo on Saturday, November 4. A surprise performance by gospel artist Moses Bliss took place during the couple’s dance.


The bride was ecstatic as she ran to him, crouched down, and gave him a leg hug. She gave him two hugs when she stood.


Reacting, Frank. Ugwu said that the bride, Ekene, “was literally out of control”.


As for Moses Bliss, the priest said, “Ministers these days make themselves gods and are even excited when they are seen as such.”


He pointed out that when such happened in the Bible, the apostles and disciples were “always quick to correct that impression and remind the people that they were ordinary men”.

He added, “In the trending video, the minister was busy enjoying the show. When you see something that is not right, correct it immediately. Others will also learn from it.”


He went on to state that Ekene’s action was “not supposed to be funny. But this is what happens when ministers make themselves superstars.”

Priest on Ekene Umenwa and Moses Bliss

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