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Actor Williams Uchemba warns ladies not to marry a man who doesn’t have a job, uses himself as an example (VIDEO)



Nollywood actor, Williams Uchemba, has advised ladies not to marry men that are jobless, because it is duty of a man to provide for their women.

Actor Williams Uchemba warns ladies not to marry a man who doesn’t have a job, uses himself as an example

Uche recalled how his wife became the provider while he visited her in the UK, how it made him feel less of a man. He stated that he had to tell her to stop because a man is meant to be the provider.

Some comments online:

A man is built to not just protect but provide!! Someone give this man chilled Hero please. 👏


Sometimes this thing varies… when I started dating my husband now … things were going on welll,the fish business going on well, all of a sudden , we lost the fishes of almost millions of naira …. I was sad because he had to start over again … he tried getting a job , no job .

He took up teaching job, running his business from scratch  again, as fish Dey do anyhow , he moved to Dey cleaning … things are still shaky but as his woman .. I see efforts , I see someone who is ready to do but opportunities are not bound yet … I support him the little way I can because I see all his effort .. he is not just sitting down … and I will continue to support him till he will fully stand on his feet by God grace …. He is my husband now and we are doing fine ..


No lies bro!!! As a man if you can’t provide for your babe you feel like vegetable and have low moral!! That’s why it shocks me how guys way broke way no get shishi for pocket Dey get erection!! Cause olamide talk am say na money Dey give moral!! So guys hustle ooo so you can take care of the woman God has destined for you


Are there men that are comfortable without having a job? Like how? Not sick ? Not handicapped? Just healthy and not working and not even looking for a job? 😳😳


Don’t marry a man that is particular about sharing bills or gambles …  he will find a way to make you liable for all the bills eventually. When a man is not spending on you, he is spending on something else.


Na good girls Dey marry guys without jobs . Babes that need maintenance how the jobless men won keep them ?


Do not marry, I repeat!  do not marry If you can’t provide for your woman! Your family! You will feel like vegetable and it will lower your self esteem n moral, and you know men have natural ego.. pls ladies don’t be the breadwinner, it’s not sustainable and you can’t do that sh*t for long, because you will start to detest  that man!  A man is meant to provide! Don’t let anyone deceive or let desperation to marry make you turn you’re to be the breadwinner. You will regret it.. trust me!  At some point your husband go come he like your wife, there will be no respect or regard for him again. Las las the man will not even appreciate it, but will just stay cos he gat no choice. When small money enter his hand, he will japa. Men love to be the head..

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