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“Alex Is A Pr0voker, She Keeps Stepping On Pere’s Toes”- Netizens React To Alex & Pere’s F*ght (VIDEO)



"Alex Is A Pr0voker, She Keeps Stepping On Pere's Toes"- Netizens React To Alex & Pere's F*ght (VIDEO)

Some hours ago, Pere and Alex f0ught over Prince Nelson’s bed in the Big brother naija all stars house.

How the f!ght started : According to Pere, Pere has been sleeping on the bed for a while now, so he laid the bed this night,to sleep, only for him to meet Alex already on the bed.


According to Alex, the bed is hers, she kept her coins there earlier today, so she wanted to sleep there.  So after the party she found out that the bed had been laid but her coins were stolen, then Pere came to tell her to get off the bed which she found surprising because it’s her bed.

Pere lifted the bed  when Alex was on it and thr£w it away.

See video:

Some comments online:


🙄 Oh please!
Y’all should chill with pere is aggressive yen yen yen!

Alex is a provoker, she keeps stepping on pere’s toes.


It is very obvious that Alex has been trying to use pere to look for highlights since the whole ilebaye scheming thing so I don’t know why all the comments are negatively directed towards Pere. She was trying to stop him from sleeping in that room all in the name of she doesn’t like his energy, but is it not biggie’s house? She should please behave herself


Needs anger management program, it will do him alot good!


He needs to leave that house cause WTTTTFFFFFF. First it was that hole he punched in the wall, how didn’t he get a strike for that tfff

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