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He Ran Into Social Media To Write Rubb!sh, Meaning He K!lled You On Purpose” – Mother Of 21-Year-Old Model, Austa Cries Out For Justice Two Months After IG Big Boy Killaboi, K!lled Her Daughter



The mother of 21-year-old model, Austa XXO has cried out for justice two after IG Big Boy, Killaboi killed her daughter.

Mother of Austa on Killaboi
The cry for justice came as a result of the silly messages and dip the IG Big Boy dropped after the body of his girlfriend was found and buried.



The mother prayed Austa noted that if Killaboi hadn’t killed her daughter on purpose, he wouldn’t be running after her burial and also writing rubbish on social media.



She declared that there is no peace for the wicked and asked her daughter’s spirit to kill her killer. Seeking justice, Austa’s mother revealed how she dearly loved and missed her daughter.

Mother of Austa on Killaboi

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