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“We Are Leaving This House Together On Sunday”- Omashola Tells Ilebaye, See Her Reaction (VIDEO)



Big brother naija all stars house guest,, has jokingly told housemate, Ilebaye, that they will be evicted on Sunday. Omashola also added that Adekunle has laid a curse that whoever eats his chicken will be evicted.


Omashola’s statement got Ilebaye very annoyed, she asked him to stop predicting her eviction. Upon seeing her countenance, Omashola apologised to her.


Ilebaye, Mercy, Ceec, Alex, Adekunle, Whitemoney and Neo are currently on nomination and at least one person will be evicted with the house guest, Omashola on Sunday.


See video below:


Ilebaye’s diary session today:


Ilebaye feels doyin should have written a letter to her aswell… made her Emotional…she started crying from that point 😭😭😭😭😢😢😢😢
Says she wishes she spoke to her first.. before she left the house ….But since she didn’t give her any letter …that means she doesn’t want the friendship. she’s gonna lock up

Biggie – maybe she wrote a letter to people she felt had her back in the house.
Ilebaye – but i had her back in this house…

She talked about cross …He said he’s gonna take me upstairs
And I said I’ll pray for him ….I was still reminding him ..but Cee was saying some things .. probably that’s what changed his mind …I wasn’t even sad …no hard feelings……They gave them pizza and ice cream but you didn’t us but it’s fine …

Biggie -How is life downstairs

Baye -it’s stressful o….they didn’t even pity me ….now am back to the trenches ….and they put me up…’s really hard

Biggie – Even during your set you were in the trenches ….am sure you should be used to it by now

Neo because he nominated me last time …we had a conversation but ..I feel he’s sneaky

Cee c because she put me up the last time and …..I annoyed her but am scared to go meet her …..if I annoy her or any little thing I do to her she gets pissed off at me easily

Whitemoney – He put me up the last time and his reasons were not valid …so i felt like he was gonna put me up….but I found out later that he didn’t put me up … place of Whitemoney I would have nominated Venita …… because of the things she said to Doyin …and even me I know she’s been making some side comments about me ….and she probably put me up

She says she has something on her mind but she will tell Biggie if she survives Eviction …
She dosent know why the house nominated her because she’s been nice to everyone
And people are counting how many tasks they …

I’ve won ….I feel that’s not necessary .. probably that’s why they nominated me because of the tasks I’ve won
She said she lied to cross about who she nominated when he asked her
She says she’s gonna be dissapointed if mercy nominated her …she said one time Angel asked her to put on her makeup during Eviction…that she feels that means she wants her to go home
I feel like na me mumu Pass for this game am not even playing the game
If she could use veto power to save one housemate and replace with another ..she will save Alex and replace with Venita
She misses her family and a special friend…starts crying again 😭😭😭😭😢😢😢😭😭…..and thinking about life and life struggles….She knows her family is proud of her ..and she’s not doing anything to annoy them …she misses some of the level up Housemates too
…..She misses driving .. because she just started driving recently
Baye asked biggie for Icecream, Red wine, massage, and a movie date 😂😂.
Biggie said she should add a personal chef to the list 😂
Illebaye- Yes I want a chef
Biggie- your diary session has come to an end.


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