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” I Have Disappionted My Mum, She Will Not Be Happy With Me…..”- Mercy Eke Complains To Whitemoney, He Advises Her



After the live eviction show where Ebuka revealed how Mercy Eke kissed Pere, Mercy cried and complained to Whitemoney that she feels ashamed of how she has been kissing different guys on the show.

Mercy – my mother will not be happy with me, she warned me to behave myself season,she said that I’m no longer a child , but see now I have disappointed her.

Whitemoney – Don’t worry I will personally beg your mama on your behalf and I know she will understand ,because being single in this house can mess up with someone’s head , so stop crying your mama go understand.

Mercy – okay (cries)

" I Have Disapionted My Mum, She Will Not Be Happy With Me....."- Mercy Eke Complains To Whitemoney, He Advises Her

In other news, Few months ago, Mercy narrated how her aunt tried to persuade her mother to terminate her pregnancy because she had five elder siblings.

Mercy said, “When she my mother was pregnant, there is this aunty of mine…my mother has already had five children then this last one which is me.

“She has four girls and one boy. So, when that my aunty came, she was like, ‘Ah! Emilia, is this another pregnancy? With all these children you’ve dumped here.”

The 32-year-old further revealed that her mother’s mental health was adversely affected at conception and she had agreed to the abortion. However, all efforts to get rid of her proved futile after trying several local methods.

She continued, “So, that thing messed with her my mother mental health. It really messed with her that she wanted to like get me out then. She was going to the farm, she would climb something you would fall so that I will go but me I stubborn na. I no go anywhere. I dey gidigba.

“Yeah, it was a true story. She wanted to get me off.”

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