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“Ilebaye Really Pi$$ed Me Off, When We Leave Here, There Are Somethings She Can’t Try…”- Alex Tells Doyin



Big brother naija all stars housemates, Alex and Ilebaye had a misunderstanding earlier today when Ceec wanted to find out something from Alex, and Ilebaye said Alex dont know it.

"Ilebaye Really Pi$$ed Me Off, When We Leave Here, There Are Somethings She Can't Try..."- Alex Tells Doyin

Alex later told Doyin how irritated she felt by Ilebaye’s response.

Their conversation:

Alex – baye pissed me off today, but that one i just told myself that, its in this house it will end.
If we go outside you know there are somethings you cannot just do.
Doyin – yeah.
Alex – i dont know whatever her and ceec were taking about.
Doyin – that they said ask alex, that she’ll know.
Alex – the one they said alex will not know, it was insulting.
Doyin – no it was something sexual thats why.
Alex – it doesn’t matter, it wasn’t funny to me, and i said whenever she talks to me, I’ll tell her she actually irritated me.


Some comments online:



All of you insulting Alex are very unfair ceece called her and started laughing saying baye said she can’t answer the question, imagine someone that’s in one corner dancing and they called to her face to said she can’t answer the questions and laughing, so Alex is not human she can’t be pissed because it’s baye are you people for real, just imagine it’s ceece they did this to her she will stop talking to baye..


I think it would be safer for Ilebaye not to be speaking in that house because people are easily offended once she speaks even if someone else says same thing they won’t take offence. At least doyin was in the conversation. Maybe they too high and mighty.Make game end self.


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