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“Kim Is My Ex & That Is A Sunk Ship, I Won’t Do Anything To Hurt My Woman, I Love Her To De@th…”- Omashola Opens Up About Issues With Kim Oprah In Diary Session (DETAILS)



Reality TV star & All Stars house guest, Omashola Oburoh, has opened up about the issues he is currently having with house guest, Kim Oprah.

"Kim Is My Ex, & That Is A Sunk Ship, I Won't Do Anything To Hurt My Woman, I Love Her To De@th..."- Omashola Opens Up About Issues With Kim Oprah In Diary Session (DETAILS)

Omashola said:

kim is my ex, we all know that.
That one na sunk ship, even at the reunion when ebuka mentioned kimshola, she flew up that there’s no kimshola blah blah blah.
No be sink the ship, i was just boarding the ship and going, till she pulled the canoe down, pum pum pum finish. so it wasn’t me.
Now i won the HOH game, maybe she was expecting me to pick her as my BFF.
Girlfriend you were there last week, wearing lingerie doing mami water movement, you didn’t ask how i feel or anything.
She’s so angry with me, we didn’t come into this house together, theres nothing attaching us together.
God knows i like kim, i really do like her, i no hate am, i wunt say love right now but there was once upon a time you feel me.
Its a big thing for her now that its like a deceit that how can i abandon her.
We came into this house separately, i did not hold your hands to enter this house.
Another thing wey kim no understand be say, the relationship wey i dey now, i love my woman to d€@th, its that mad.
And there are things that i know that trigger her off that I’m not about to do on here, to offend the person I’m with.
You are with cross, she came to meet me and said who told you I’m with cross, but you’re with him, everybody knows.
2 days ago you were in a lingerie, both of you were doing lingerie dance upstairs and we could all see it, you dey cook for am, he dey cook for you, so why are you saying you’re not with cross because you want me to take you to #BBNaija HOH.
Abi make me and cross come get problem then e go be like say because she’s my ex I’m trying to get her back, I’m not trying to get you back, stay with cross.
If cross dey downstairs stay with am, if he go upstairs, follow am, i no wan seperate una.
Today she dey carry attitude, 2 times i don go meet am she dey tell me say its ok, and when woman don dey tell you say its ok, i felt like I’m in a relationship with kim and I don’t like that feeling.
Its draining, its too draining, you and your ex in one place is alot of

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