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“Ilebaye Is My Least Favourite In The House…..She Pr0vokes People, Then Start Claiming To Be The Victim”- Ceec (VIDEO)



In her diary session with big brother today, Ceec revealed that her least favourite housemate is Ilebaye bevause she likes provoking people and claiming to be the victim.

In her words:

Ilebaye just became one of my least favorite in the house.
She likes to provoke people (me inclusive) and if you react she’ll start crying, forming victim. I find that very annoying , that’s why I nominated her.

Some commens onlime:


I also don’t trust you, CeeC. You are even planning on getting her a third strike because you see her as your threat. If it’s provocation, you are talking about just shut up because you are always provoking Pere. Mmwiixmmmm


Everybody now dey sing provocation provocation Ilebaye this Ilebaye that. They should let the girl be…. abeg biggie if Ilebaye is doing something, let us see it coz, we never saw it. We just hear it from these housemates. I think they have noticed that Baye is strong



Keep crying old woman 👵 Please vote IIebaye


This one feels provoked when someone doesn’t indulge her in shouting match. That’s the best way to deal with loud people, just stay silent and let them shout till the sun goes down.

See video below:


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