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“Marriage Is A Partnership Between Two People, Not…..” – Blessing CEO Slams Ladies Who Wore Wedding Gown While Praying For A Husband (VIDEO)



Relationship expert, Blessing CEO has slammed ladies who wore wedding gowns while fervently praying for a husband inside a church.

Blessing Ceo on ladies wear gowns
With a tone of disappointment, Blessing expressed her concern regarding what he perceives as an unnecessary and potentially embarrassing practice and desperation.


Blessing shared her thoughts on the topic on Instagram, challenging the significance of women dressing in bridal attire to find a husband.


She made several important points, one of which was that when women openly expressed their great desire to get married, it might diminish their value as women in the eyes of a man.


Her compelling argument challenges women to redefine their approach to finding love and spirituality, urging them to leave behind this perceived embarrassment and discover their true strength as individuals.



According to Blessing, the preacher in charge is giving the women an incorrect perspective on marriage.


Blessing Okoro emphasized that marriage is a partnership between two people, not merely women looking for spouses.


Watch the video below:


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