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“If Ilebaye Cry Now, They Will Claim It’s For Pity Vote” – Netizens React As Neo Tossed Ilebaye’s Neatly Fold Blanket Like Thrash (VIDEO)



Reality TV star and lifestyle influencer, Neo Akpofure has tossed his colleague, Ilebaye’s neatly folded blanket like thrash.

Neo on Ilebaye
When Neo carried Ilebaye neatly folded blanket, his colleagues, Doyin and Kim Oprah told him to leave her things for her and instead of folding and keeping it back the way he found it, he tossed and thrashed it.



Watch the video below:


This has triggered huge reactions from viewers of the reality TV show. Some reactions seem were;


kassie_nda wrote;
“Later people will say she is playing the victim card😢”.


nickiqueen93 wrote;
“If ilebaye cry now , they will claim its pity , she can’t fight well because of strike so what else can she do na, if na me ehhh, i for cry ehh, my heart is fragile”.


kaydarl16 wrote;
“Oh why big brother we don’t want to storm ur house this is wrong what has she done no no no”.


calistabenedicta wrote;
“they are instigating her to get her disqualified😂😂😂😂😂 i love this😍”.


jophie_94 wrote;
“This guys dont know that what they are doing is making her more famous outside. I thought they said they have figured her game? So. Why can’t they ignore her game and play theirs without trying to get into her or gang up for her like this”.

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