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“You Never Pay Money OO” – Neo Tells Adekunle After He Asked Venita To K!ss Him (VIDEO)



Neo Akpofure, the cousin brother of Venita Akpofure has told his BBN colleague, Adekunle why he should not ask for a kiss from his sister.

When the housemates are cooking in the kitchen, Adekunle asks his love interest and Neo’s cousin sister, Venita, to kiss him, immediately Neo hears him, he responds by telling Adekunle he has not yet paid money (bride prize) to demand a kiss from his cousin.



Adekunke jokingly replied by asking him if he had paid money too and teased him about his moustache.



Watch the video below:



Adekunle Olopade and Venita ship is one of the most talked about and day one ship in this season BBN.

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