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BBNaija Adekunle Declares Himself Married To Venita (VIDEO)



Adekunle, a housemate on BBNaija All Stars, declares himself married to Venita, taking their relationship to a new level.

Adekunle on Venita
Since the beginning of the show, the pair have been each other’s missing halves, and they are open about their feelings for one another.



On Monday morning, Adekunle approached a fellow housemate, Cross Okonkwo in the dressing and urged him to be more of a baby boy.



When the same was said to him, he rejected it and clarified that he has tied the knot with his love interest and should be addressed as a married man.



“Cross, be a baby boy. No No No, I’m a married man,” he stated.



Watch the video below:


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