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“I’m Gonna Sue Seyi For Thre@tening My Son”- Kiddwaya’s Mum Bl0ws H0t (DETAIL)



Big brother naija all stars housemate, Seyi, was seen in a conversation last night telling Kiddwaya to ensure he doesn’t allow Doyin use him to get into Ike’s head.


This happened after Ike lashed out at Doyin last night for saying certain words to him. Seyi feels Doyin is trying to get into Ike’s head and reckons Ike wouldn’t have reacted the way he did if Kiddwaya didn’t drag him into a conversation with Doyin. Reacting to this, Kiddwaya’s mum has vowed to sue Seyi for threatening her son.

She wrote on instagram;

Seyi or Sheyi whatever your name is, once you come out, I’m gonna sue your bloody ass for threatening Kidd Waya. Thuggery, stealing & gangster is not in Kidd’s upbringing…

Kiddwaya mum

See comments below:


Seyi has alot to learn, unlearn and re-learn but I will advise you wait for Kidd before taking any step. Besides, they all signed a contract with multi-chouce. I would advise you stay away from BBN All Star shenanigans for now ma🙏. Let our focus be on Kidd and Kidd alone for now ma🙏



I said this when the conspiracy was made against Baye. Kidd should stay away from Pere, Ike and Seyi. He should not allowed himself to be used.




Kiddwaya lost a lot of fans this season because of the character he has been exhibiting. What happened to our loving, sweet, the Kidd that doesn’t speak I’ll of anyone? His character is so poor this season

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