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Actresses Have Bad Reputation And It Affects My Love Life’ – Destiny Amaka



Nollywood star, Destiny Amaka, says that being an actress has affected her love life.

In an interview with Saturday Beats, she said, “Sadly, Nollywood actresses have a bad reputation, and this affects my love life, but life goes on. I am not here to convince anyone otherwise about me because of my job.”

Destiny Amaka

Amaka also stated that she talks about s£x on her podcast, Butterflies in my Peepee’, in a bid to remove the stigma around the subject.

She said:

“My goal is to eradicate the negative stigma around s£x and to educate people. Knowledge is power. Too many homes are broken in Africa today because of sexual abuse and misconduct. We should normalise sex and enforce boundaries.”

Revealing some of the things she does not like about Nollywood, she said:

“There are many things wrong with the industry, but I will mention a few. The crew members and those behind the scenes are not usually treated right. They often get neglected and are made to feel lesser than the actors, even though they are the ones that make actors lives better. The level of professionalism is also poor. It is less about auditions, and more about who one knows that gets one far.”

The actress also stated that she had increased her fees in a bid to survive the current economic situation of the country.

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