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“Vee Tried To Come Back After 9 Months Of Break Up” – BBNaija Neo Reveal (VIDEO)



Big Brother Naija “All Stars” housemate, Neo Akpofure has claimed that his ex-lover, Vee Iye, tried to come back to him after 9 months of break up.

Neo on break up with Vee
Recall that Neo and Vee were love interests during the Big Brother Naija “Lockdown” season, but their relationship fell apart a few months after the show.


Neo made this known in a conversation he had with a colleague, Pere.



Their conversation is below:

“The beef we [Vee and I] had was minor. Till today, I don’t know why it is beef because it was more like my ex wanting to…To be honest, I’m not sure I’ve said this before but one of the reasons I couldn’t really give my ex [Vee] a chance was even because the last time we spoke, this was nine months after our breakup, she was still referring to fighting my cousin.


“And I’m like ‘you can’t break up with me after nine months and you’re trying to come back and you’re still telling me you’re holding onto a grudge with my family. I will not inspire you to separate from your family.’ And she was just going off in harsh tones.


“I just knew I had to take a stand because nobody knows how far we might go, we might actually get married and I don’t want to get married to you and It will feel like a situation where my family is not welcome in my house cuz you have some kinda like… You’re supposed to inspire me to build a family not tear me apart from the one I already have. So, that is it. I let it go.”

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