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“I’ve Never Been Happy For A Long Time And I Am Losing It” – Actress Queeneth Hilbert Cries Out



Nollywood actress, Queeneth Hilbert has raised concerns amongst fans as she revealed her current state.

Queeneth Hilbert
The actress revealed on her Instagram page that she hasn’t been happy in a while and doesn’t know where to look for happiness.


The movie actress cried out for help as she is losing it and lacked a confidant.


She wrote; “I have a lot to say or to post right now but I will let it slide.
I’ve never been happy for a long time now and I don’t know where to find it. Please someone talk to me I’m losing it.
Don’t even know who to confide in”.

In another post on her Instagram story, she questioned why an unknown person didn’t bother to check up on her when she declined to shoot a movie.


She further questioned why he/she has never asked what was wrong with her.


“You just want me to shoot or film for you have you bothered to ask why the change?
Have you ever asked me what’s wrong with me like am I happy?”.

Queeneth Hilbert

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