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Lagos Pastor Exposes Mystery Behind D’banj’s N2 Million Cash Gift To Female Trader



Pastor Oladele Genesis of Lagos has explained the mystery behind D’banj’s N2 million cash gift to a female trader.

D'banj 2 million to trader
In a viral video, Pastor Genesis explained to his congregation that the woman who came to the limelight after answering the question “What would you do if you won the $1 jackpot?” received double the blessing.



D’banj was intrigued by the woman’s remark, and he gave her N2 million to finish her building and care for her kids.



Pastor Genesis said that the reason D’banj gave her two gifts for her troubles was that she mentioned the number “one,” which was the secret to understanding the gift’s meaning.


He said;
“Let me tell you the mystery of $1. One person went to the market and met one woman among many women. The person asked that woman what she would do with $1 and she said what she would do with it.

“Through that, she met D’banj and gave her one million for her business and another one million to take care of her kids. Because she mentioned one, he gave her double for her trouble”.

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