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Reality TV Star, Tacha React To Video Of Ilebaye Referring To Her As An Inspiration (DETAIL)



Reality TV star, Tacha has reacted to a video of BBN housemate, Ilebaye referring to her as an inspiration.

Tacha on Ilebaye
Remember this morning, after the fight between Angel and Ilebaye last night, Ilebaye told Doyin Tacha is her inspiration. Tacha took to her microblogging platform, Twitter to react to the video.


Tacha retweet the video and wrote; “you haven’t been nice Ilebaye! Pls stop I Like iT😂😭🤣”.

Tacha on Ilebaye
Conversation between Ilebaye and Doyin this morning.


Ilebaye – since i came into this house I’ve just been nice.


Even if i don’t have much people supporting me, i can be myself, atleast tacha did it.

Why will she say I’m forcing myself on cross, we were even joking, we went to shower together, if i knew she was serious I’d have changed it for her.

Doyin – don’t let that stop you from talking to cross, if he is your friend, continue.
He said he is not drunk and knows what he is doing, he enjoyed the kiss.

I have told big brother that b¥llying is going on in this house.

Ilebaye – i was just calling on my late brother to help me hold my self, my mom oh God.

some people are here for the money, some people are here for the game.
Some people are real while some are fake.

Doyin – at the end of the day, we’ll all battle with our conscience.


Then both of them go on to pray and thank the lord for keeping them safe.

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