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BBNaija Frodd Reveals To Cross How He Met His Beautiful Wife (VIDEO)



Frodd has revealed to his colleague, Cross how he met his beautiful wife.

Frodd to cross on how he met his wife

The BBN star revealed this some days ago. He said that he connected to his wife through her brother who is his friend.



According to Frodd, he first saw his wife when her brother, Ikenne posted her on her birthday, on his whatsapp status. He stated how he DMed her brother and told him of his intentions to have a relationship that will lead to marriage with his sister.


His narration was that it didn’t first sit well with his wife’s brother but he later agreed. After he agreed, Frodd said he message his wife and wished her happy birthday, telling her he got permission from her brother. He also stated that they were just friends for a year because she was in another relationship.



Watch the video below:

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