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“I Am Richer Than Every Single Person Doing Yahoo And Yahoo Plus In Nigeria” – Gospel Singer Frank Edwards Says, Spark Debate Online (VIDEO)



Popular Nigerian gospel singer, Frank Edwards said that he is richer than all Nigerian men (Yahoo boys) involved in cyber fraud.

Frank Edwards on Yahoo

He stressed in an online video that his level of financial achievement is significantly higher than that of others who earn money illegally and are unable to have peace of mind afterwards.


According to “The Miracle Rain” crooner, he can generously provide for his family and friends with his salary, unlike many Yahoo Boys who cannot do so due to the evil restrictions tied to their riches.



Watch the video below:

Frank Edwards statement elicited a wide range of reactions on social media, with people expressing their thoughts on his point of view.



uwaifo_junior: “When he says he is richer than all he means the Confort and peace he is having with his riches is better of than those people making money illegally.”


ajayi581: “Yes he’s in rich in Christ Peace of mind in underrated.Y’all don’t just get his message. Try and listen and take it to the spiritual level then you’ll understand what he’s saying and stop criticizing him . In short he’s rich in peace of mind.”


_nomistake: “Yahoo is different from ritual, na ritualist dem dey give conditions on thier money not yahoo boys.”


pink91759: “Look who’s talking like he’s better than them lmao thief’s in broad daylight .’

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