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“Anita Joseph And Uche Elendu Swallowed Lizard For Fame And Wealth” – Actress Angela Okorie Resumes Dragging Her Ex-Besties (DETAIL)



Nollywood actress, Angela Okorie has continued to drag her colleagues and ex-besties, Anita Joseph and Uche Elendu.

Angela okorie on Anita Joseph and Uche Elendu
The singer took to her Instagram page to make strong allegations against Anita and Uche Elendu.


According to Angela Okorie, Anita and Uche once swallowed lizards for fame and fortune and they also sleep with their gateman, house boy, house girl and industry PAs.


Her post read; “If you hear the way Anita/Uche take swallow Lizard for Native doctor place. You will think after that they became richer than everybody. Devil is bad, Dem dey knacks anything, gate man, house boy, house girl, industry pas. Very shameless people if them no taking time I go write some of the names of our actresses wey dey follow them to do their nonsense. Straight bullet. Uche of Recent some1 died in Dubai your still dey that wahala thief. Dead person property you thief am, demons in sheep’s clothing. How dare you mock God!! I am! Y’all karma is coming episode 2 loading”.

Angela okorie on Anita Joseph and Uche Elendu

She captioned the post; “I can’t chase clout with people with dead careers
Rather am making them relevant
But people must see the evil they are doing, They have destroyed many homes with their dirty lifestyle
Have you asked yourself why they can’t reply to me?
suddenly they’ve changed 🤣🤣
They know am stating facts,
evil people.
DNA coming soon.
Note: This page does not support violence”.

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