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“Why Will You Shake His Hands Instead Of Prostrating” – Nigerians continue to Argue About Pete Edochie’s Handshake With Ooni Of Ife (VIDEO)



A video of nollywood actor, Pete Edochie shaking hands with Monarch king, Ooni of Ife has caused arguement among social media users.

Pete Edochie on Ooni of Ife
While some argued that Pete should have prostrated since he was before a Yoruba King, others countered it by pointing out that the Nollywood legend is red cap chief in Igbo land and the Igbos bow to no one except their chi (god).


They also noted that same handshake Ooni of Ife got is what a King in Igbo land will get from Pete Edochie.



Watch the video below:

Some reactions seen were;


iamjudenj wrote;
“He paid him his due respect! In a way that doesn’t disrespect himself, and the Oba understood that, and isn’t complaining, But one ramotu and Olaniyi is in their home With their tecno Spark4 and seeing faults up and down!”.


precious_ibini wrote;
“Igbo titled men don’t bow to anyone, you all should chill


thefoodnetworknig2 wrote;
“This is not the palace na… Make he prostrate for table? Why we like wahala too much laidis 🙆🏾‍♀️”.


chairman_ace wrote;
“Some of you are just petty and uninformed, until you realize Everyman is a king in his or her stead and environment you will continue to cry over nothing.

Your claims that everyone must bow to your Oni or Alafin is completely false, I hope you know the governor will not bow to him, the Oba of Benin, the king of England, The president or ministers of Nigeria won’t bow to your Oni.

And mind you Pete Edochie is more honorable and respected than most of the persons listed.

Before you cry foul, I am from Edo state, and I repeat you are only a king in your area”.

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