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JUST IN : Kim Kardashian To Appear In AHS12 Movie (DETAILS)



The news of Kim Kardashian inclusion in the American Horror Story Season Twelve cast caught many by surprise. The reality TV star’s acting career has been on the rise, but her appearance in the horror series is a deviation from her previous roles.

Kim Kardashian in AHS12

Many fans of the show expressed their displeasure about the casting decision. Some argued that it was a mistake to bring a Kardashian into the show and that it could lead to a drop in ratings. They also speculated that Sarah Paulson was supposed to play the role, which made Kim’s inclusion even more surprising.

However, not everyone was against Kim’s casting. Some fans of the show believed that she should be given a chance to prove herself and that her performance might exceed expectations.

Since the news broke, clips of Kim’s role in the show have been circulating on social media. Some viewers praised her performance, while others were less impressed. It remains to be seen how Kim’s appearance in the show will affect the ratings and the show’s overall reception.





There have been a lot of controversy online about her acting. Most of our fans believe that she in the movie will actually make a difference in the movie.

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