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“If Nana And Jenni O Thinks They Can Tell Me Who To Talk To Then They’re Fc*ked In The Head” – BBTitans Thabang Tells Khosi (Video)



The BBTitans housemate, Thabang whom Nana, Jenni O, and Khosi fight over has now expressed his opinion of the situation.



The 21-year-old reality TV star talked about the f!ght with his co housemate Khosi.


You might remember that when Nana insinuated that Khosi would be the cause of their (Nana and Thabang’s) eviction because she thought her friendship with Thabang was the reason for their constant nominations in the house, the f!ght started. The issue worsened when Jenni O stepped in.


Thabang told Khosi that Nana and Jenni O were crazy if they believed they could tell him who to talk to when they were discussing the altercation.


Discussing the fight, Thabang told Khosi that if Nana and Jenni O thinks they can tell him who to talk to then they’re fc*ked in the head.


According Thabang, Nana deciding for him who to talk to is not gonna happen, he added that she was talking sh!t.


Watch the video below:


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