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Which Naija Celebrity Has The Best Christmas Photo??



Public figures in Nigeria, actors, influencers, singers and reality TV stars shared beautiful photos today to celebrate Christmas.

Here are some of the Christmas photos, which is your best?


Which Nigerian celebrity has the best Christmas photo

Bbnaija Christmas photo

Anita Joseph and husband Christmas photo

Actress Regina Daniels Reveals The Huge Amount Of Money Her Husband Ned Nwoko Gifted Her For Christmas



In another related news, Skincare entrepreneur and reality TV star, Ifu Ennada has explained to the public why she can never give people money for Christmas celebration.



"Why I Don't Give People Money For Christmas Celebration"- Ifuenneda Explains As Fans Continue To Drag Her For Embarrassing A Follower Who Pleaded For Christmas Rice


Earlier today, Ifu Ennada shared a screenshot of a follower who begged her for money to cook Christmas rice. Ifu replied she cannot give such money because Jesus Christ never commanded anyone to celebrate his birthday, besides there are more important things people should use their money for.



See screenshots below:




After much criticism from her fans, Ifu Ennada wrote on her page:


Alot of you are tagging me on a blog and calling me names because I said I will not send someone money for Christmas Rice.

If you’ve followed me long enough here, you’ll know that giving to my followers is my 2nd nature.

I’m not stupid, there is a difference between legitimately wanting money for food and wanting money to cook “Christmas Rice”.

I will gladly give to anyone who’s hungry and in need, but I will not encourage people to go into debt because they want to cook rice because of a certain holiday that we as Christians were not even commanded to celebrate and I know some people hate to admit thus, but there’s not record that Christ was even born on December 25th.

Just yesterday, I randomly sent some women various amounts of money because they were legitimately in need, swipe to see. These women didn’t ask me, I just sent them money because I felt led by God to do so, but I will not oblige anyone asking me for money to cook Christmas Rice.

Saying I’d rather give her money to buy medicine doesn’t mean I wish her to fall sick, God forbid, medicine was the closest thing on my mind because I haven’t been feeling well… All I meant to say was – I’d give money for anything else, but Christmas Rice.

Pls Stop Swearing For me because I don’t encourage people to go into debt in the name of celebrating Christmas.

I’m sorry if my story offended alot of you, I hope you can understand the reason for my response.

May we all spend our money, the way we feel is best.






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