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Biography of actress Chizzy Alichi ( Marriage, Career and Achievements)



Biography of Chizzy Alichi


Chigozie Stephanie Alichi also known as Chizzy Alichi and now Chizzy Alichi-Mbah, is a Nollywood actress and model.





The actress was born on 23rd December, 1989 in Enugu State, Nigeria. She is the last out of two offsprings of her parents. Upon the completion of her primary and secondary school, Chizzy gained admission into the Enugu State University of Science and Technology (ESUT), where she read Agricultural Engineering.



The actress graduated in 2014, went for her National Youth Service Corps in 2015 at Umunya village in Oyi Local Government Area, Anambra State, and passed out in 2016.



Chizzy Alichi



How did Chizzy Alichi join the movie industry?

Chizzy Alichi is a lady who has been in love with acting right from her secondary school. According to her, then, she always used her money to rent movies not minding if it is her last money. While in school on her way to a particular place in 2010, she stumbled upon a banner of the Actors Guild of Nigeria which is at the office of the National Museum in Enugu. After making necessary enquiries about the advertisement written on the banner, she registered for the audition and came out successfully.


Chizzy Alichi



This was how she started acting. Her first movie was “Magic Money” which featured Mercy Johnson and Bob Manuel Udokwu but that was not what announced her. She finally got famous after acting “Akaraoku” meaning “hot akara, a movie produced by actor Yul Edochie in 2016, this was were she got popular as many Nigerians who never knew it was a movie scene wondered why a young and beautiful girl will be selling akara(bean cake) on the street.


Chizzy Alichi


When asked why she chose Agricultural Engineering instead of Theatre Arts, she said,

“People always ask me this and my answer to them always is that you must not study Theatre Arts to be a good actress.”


Chizzy Alichi


“Most of the successful actors and actresses didn’t necessarily go to film schools or study Theatre arts, although I’m not saying it’s not useful studying the profession, but if your passion and desire to learn on the job is high, with hardwork you’ll get to the peak of your career in no time and you’ll be excellent at it too. I just finished writing my final papers a few days back. So I’m battle ready to take on the industry fully. That’s not to say I won’t still embark on some of training and education in filmmaking in the near future.”


Awards/Nominations Of Chizzy Alichi

Best New Actress of the Year hosted by the City People Entertainment Awards.

Most Promising Actress in Nigeria hosted by African Magic Viewers Choice Award.

Won the Next Rated Actress of the year organized by Nigeria Achievers Award.


Chizzy Alichi



Movies Chizzy Alichi Has Acted

Defiled Throne
My Story
Power of Madness
Point & Kill
Tears of Victory
The King’s Wealth
Fada Fada



Who is Chizzy Alichi husband?

Actres Chizzy Alichi who carefully kept her relationship from the media finally announced it after sharing pre-wedding pictures online. She got married to her long time boyfriend, Chike Ugochukwu Mbah, a business man. The traditional marriage took place in Enugu State while the white wedding held in Lagos State.




After her marriage, she announced that she will start producing movies, she wrote,

After the whole marriage brouhaha, I feel okay, I feel normal. I was thinking that after marriage I would feel different but it is still the same me. My husband is my best friend. I also won’t let my marriage affect my career; never! In fact, after my honeymoon, I am coming back fully.”



“I have a line up of jobs already waiting for me and I will be producing my own movies once in a while because my husband bought me almost all the necessary equipment for production. He is 100 percent in support of my career. The most exciting part of the wedding for me was the exchange of vows and kissing. I really loved that part.”




During this year’s valentine, while expressing her love to her husband, she said she is obsessed with him.


“I present to you my Val. The love of my life, I love you more and more every day. My gift from heaven. I will love you today, tomorrow forever my baby. Happy valentine’s day to us. Sweetest love…. God has made you only for me and I am obsessed with loving you… Happy Valentine’s day my baby. This love dey totori me O! I no know say marriage sweet like this, I for don marry since…” she said.





After featuring in singer Flavour’s music video titled “Mmege” as a cameo appearance, there were rumours of her having a relationship with the singer. Chizzy however, debunked the rumour saying that she does not even have the musician’s contact.

The actress and her colleague,  Destiny Etiko are also not in good terms after latter allegedly took a movie role which already given to Chizzy.



Chizzy Alichi houses & business


Actress Chizzy Alichi in 2017, built a mansion for her parents to thank them for their support, love and care. According to her, the reason she has not been looking good as expected of her is because she had a project at hand. She narrated the suffering her parents passed through which made her insist on building a house for them rather than slaying when her parents are suffering.


Chizzy Alichi


Chizzy Alichi wrote:

People have always refer to me as “mgbeke” (local girl) that I dont know fashion or carry designer bags/shoes/clothes”

That I don’t wear expensive hair. Well my darlings I do know and want to wear those things but I have been saving for this building right here. I can’t remember d last time my family travelled for Xmas because their is no house to stay. My mother falls sick whenever she goes for August meeting and comes back.”


Chizzy Alichi


“My father wanted to sell half of our compound to fix d leaking roof, buy ceiling and also patch the broken wall but I told him No. ( PAPA I WILL BUILD HOUSE FOR YOU) after saving for sometime, I wanted to use the money to buy myself another car (A bigger car) but I said to myself, what’s d need for d car when we don’t have roof over our head in d village moreover the car I have is still in good condition and serves me well, I can always buy another one later. Today am grateful to Almighty God that it came to pass. My parents are d happiest people on earth. 4 masters bedroom, extra 2 toilets, kitchen, dinning and palour. God is the Greatest.”.


Chizzy Alichi


Speaking about why she built the house for her parents Chizzy Alichi said,

The building for my parents was a dream comes true. I saved for it from when I was in school. I denied myself a lot of things but today, I’m so happy. My father said he can now die a happy man cos he worked all his life for it and he couldn’t achieve it. In his wildest imagination, he didn’t dream that something like that will be in his compound cos our compound was almost like a refuse dump before I built the house. I thank God. I came from a poor family but I was determined to make it through hard work. I was determined to make my family and myself proud. I didn’t want my background to discourage me. I didn’t like the way we always stayed back in Enugu during Christmas, while my friends would travel out of town and come back to tell me how they had enjoyed their holiday in the village.”


Chizzy Alichi



“Secondly, my dad had worked and saved all his life to build a good house for us. I am his favourite, so I was determined to make him happy. So, I started saving. I had worked in several outfits in Enugu before joining the movie industry. I actually starved and saved money to build my parents a befitting house. I’m a family girl, so I just like to carry my family along.”
“Before the completion of the house, I first moved my parents from a one-room apartment in a slum to a 3-bedroom flat in the heart of Enugu city before finally building a house for them in the village.”


Chizzy Alichi

Earlier this year, Chizzy also bought a mansion in Lekki, Lagos Nigeria for her crypocurrency and filmmaking business.


The actress also owns a huge farm land in Enugu state.





In an interview with The Nation, when asked about what she can’t deal with on set she said she can’t deal with mouth odour.

Read what actress Chizzy Alichi said,


“I can’t deal with mouth odour,”
“I take good care of myself especially my teeth so I don’t kiss anyhow in movies, I can’t even date a guy with dirty teeth in real life no matter how rich he is. So as an actor, if your teeth is dirty or have bad odour then it’s a no for me. The person can only get a peck because I have been paid to do so and act as a professional”.




Actress Chizzy Alichi’s current net worth is estimated to be $600,000. She owns a YouTube channel called Chizzy Nollywood TV. She also owns a poultry farm where she trains birds and pigs. The actress is also the owner of Bit Chizzy Exchange, an exchange that deals on Bitcoin.


She currently has over 2.3million Instagram followers.



There is no force equal to a woman determined to rise.


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