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“Is Dj Cuppy pregnant?”- Fans wonder after photos of her protruding tummy surfaced online



Daughter of Billionaire Femi Otedola, Florence Ifeoluwa Otedola otherwise known as “DJ Cuppy” has shocked fans as pictures of her protruding stomach appear online.





Recall that Cuppy recently threatened to sue Davido’s aide over an accusation he made, the aide accused the Billionaire’s daughter of not keeping her part of the bargain in her collaboration with Zlatan.


DJ cuppy



Cuppy during her dress rehearsal shared videos of her rehearsal and this has got tongues wagging as most people wonder if she is pregnant.




While some fans criticised her dress sense, others asked if she’s pregnant.


Here are some reactions,


DJ Cuppy pregnant





Davido reacts to DJ Cuppy’s threat to sue his aide

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University student narrowly escapes death as his room’s ceiling collapses (Video)



A student of Leadcity University, Ibadan, Oyo State has narrowly escaped death after his room’s ceiling collapsed.

According to reports, the student managed to escape before the ceiling came tumbling down into his room.

Swipe to watch the video taken from the scene of the incident below;

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How to make money in Covid-19 Pandemic lockdown



Covid-19 pandemic lockdown

Since the covid-19 pandemic took many unawares, a lot of persons have been wondering how to make money in order to survive especially with the mandatory lockdown in some states in Nigeria.


Well, for many in the food, cosmetic & online business, business might not be as usual but 90% are cashing out daily.


Covid-19 pandemic lockdown

In this article I will be listing out businesses you can do even in this covid-19 pandemic lockdown and how to publicize your business effectively in order to get customers, clients, sell & make profit.




1. Buy & Sell Food Items

People cannot do without food. It is an essential element for survival. No wonder the federal government didn’t lockdown this sector because it is highly important and essential, or else several lives will be lost, not to covid-19 but hunger.


Though prices of food items are on the high side now, it can still be bought and resold. Garri, Rice, beans, Oil, Plantain, Yam, Fish, Meat, Egg are food stuffs that can easily be bought and sold.


Due to lockdown in several states, very few public vehicles are moving. If you can get a private vehicle to deliver your goods to buyers, that will be extra profit for you.

To get Garri, Rice, Kpomo & some other foodstuffs delivered to your location, either for resale or personal consumption at a reasonable amount, you can contact JoJo


2. Buy & sell cosmetics, toiletries.


Essential items like body cream, deodorant, Powder, Hair cream, tissue paper, sanitary pad, pampers, sanitizers, hypo, Dettol, etc. is still on demand even this lockdown. You can sell in your neighborhood or sell in bulk to other buyers.


If you were in this business before the covid-19 pandemic lockdown, then you’re at an advantage.



3. Teach people a skill.


A great way to earn a living now, is to sell your skill. Can you bake, cook, make up, blog, design graphics, create websites, teach SEO, produce skincare products, write scripts, etc. then create a WhatsApp group to teach people from a fee as low 500 naira per person, you would be surprised how much you will make if you teach at least 150 persons.


4. Writing Articles for blogs


This is another great way to make money while sitting at home. Several blogs need freelance writers. Become one and earn while at home. You can earn at least 2000 naira per article. You can search on google, Facebook, nairaland, etc. for “vacancy for writers in Nigeria”.



5.  Provide Digital Services

You can create websites, graphic designs, Instagram sponsored posts, email marketing, digital marketing, etc. for organizations and individuals for a reasonable amount.


You don’t have any reason to stay broke if you can do any of the following services listed above. Nobody knows when the covid-19 pandemic will be over, so start something profitable now.


Also, another important factor to take note of, is publicity. This is best time to advertise your products or services online, because everyone is at home, free and online.


Advertise on Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Blogs, etc. Buy AD spaces on gossip & news website. Target your adverts to locations that are easy for you to deliver your products or services, make use of available private vehicles for easy deliveries and more profit.


Note: You can even deliver to some states with flexible lockdown.


For more inquiries on online marketing and adverts, or assistance in setting up WhatsApp groups, opening Instagram business page, advertising on Instagram, learning a new skill, send a WhatsApp message to Mercy by clicking:


NOTE: We run adverts and sponsored posts for businesses at a discounted price in this lockdown. For enquiries call or whatsapp 08126950898.

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