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“Two of his kidneys have failed, he needs transplant” – Jay Boogie’s friend cries out as his condition worsens



"Two of his kidneys have failed, he needs transplant" - Jay Boogie's friend cries out as his condition worsens

Transgender, Jay Boogie is currently battling for his life, as reports about his two kidneys failing surfaces.

Dr love thjia wrote on her instagram story:

At this stage, jay boogie needs a kidney transplant! Both kidneys have failed! We prayed and wished it never got to this stage

Dr Love had earlier announced:

Nothing must happen to jay boogie!!! You are messing with the wrong human! Dont think because she is a trans person in Nigeria then there are no people to fight for her because e will shock you!!! Jay boogie has not been able to pass urine for 24 hours now after surgery and you think it makes sense to dump her in a weird hospital and claim she has kidney issues??? Wtf!!!



Meanwhile, blogger Cutie Juls has called out the surgeon on her page;

Dr Quack Surgeon Dinma, you are a very big phuuul to be using fake accounts and sending your people to come to my comment section and be writing rubbish.

This is Jay’s latest results. I left the Creatinine readings so that intelligent qualified doctors here can see and tell us if that is normal. Today is 17/11/2023 and this was done on 14/11/2023.

You are so inhuman and very £v!l. After damaging someone’s kidneys with your quack practice, you still have the effrontery to be on my comment section and by typing Nooonsens.

All this while, I have not mentioned you cuz you are not even my focus. My focus is for Jay to get better then I will attend to your quack self later. But it seems you are beginning to really push.

Idiot.. do I even know Jay from anywhere? If not because his health is at high risk now and the human in me couldn’t ignore like what is my business with this whole unfortunate mess?

Look, warn yourself. You think I’m quack like you who doesn’t do findings before attending to cases. Did you even investigate Jay’s health history properly before carrying on with the procedure to enhanced his bum?

Olorinbruku quack roadside cosmetic surgeon.

Nigeria Medical Association, would you revoke this quack practitioner’s license already?



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