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“Which God Are You Talking About”- Evang. Keseina T@ckles BBN All Star Winner, Ilebaye (VIDEO)



Nigerian preacher, Evangelist Keseina has reacted to a statement made by Ilebaye Odiniya, few months ago when she won the show. Ilebaye had thanked God for giving her victory, she also promised to pay her tithe from the 120 million naira grand prize won.

"Which God Are You Talking About"- Evang. Keseina T@ckles BBN All Star Winner, Ilebaye (VIDEO)

Evangelist Keseina reacted to her statement by saying he is sure she isn’t referring to Jehovah God who frowns at sexual sin and immorality, because she participated and won a show that glorifies immorality, where people commit adultery and are still celebrated.

He added that this generation worships sex and it has destroyed several lives.

See video below:

A comment on his video reads:

Lol but at the end of the day, God has planned everyone’s journey in life. People gain fame and also opportunity to sell themselves on the platforms, people have met their soul mates on there and etc so 🤷

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