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“As long as you are getting better ,Nothing Else matters……“- Mr IBU Alleged Daughter/SIDECHICK Jasmine Says , Shares New Video Caring For Him On Sickbed (VIDEO)



“As long as you are getting better ,Nothing Else matters…I will remain silent Until you are back to your feet Again “- Mr IBU Alleged Daughter/SIDECHICK Jasmine breaks silence (VIDEO)

Mr Ibu alleged daughter/side chic, JASMINE Okafor, has shared a video caring for her him on his sick bed days after a voice recording accusing her of having sexual relations with Mr Ibu went viral.


Jasmine has stated that she will not say anything untill Mr Ibu gets stronger and healed.

Jasmine wrote:

As Long as you are getting better, nothing else matters.
I remain silent until you are back to your feet again! Cheers

See video:



Some comments on her video;


Focus on the only one goal that’s important, and that is Ibu’s total healing and discharge from the hospital. Thank you and may the Lord continue to strengthen you


Jasmine leave person husband alone abeg… him get wife wey go do all this for him. Allow his wife take care of her husband for goodness sake🙄 dnt take that right away from her pls. You can enjoy your new found hubby and allow Stella take care of her husband. Just my little advise



To know jasmine is to love her but this is the story for another day.


You are an angel sent to protect Mr. Ibu even if his wife is misbehaving.

Keep caring for him. We love you all 😍😍



That’s the only reason why I love you 💕 sis, you never stop being you no matter what, now I understand why you always use to say . People will always talk and rumors spread more faster cause that’s what people enjoys. Is well God is your strength 🙏. Only if they know all you have done and still doing,


I suggest she marry Mr Ibu son self. It happens in Igbo culture inform of reunion. It will make Mr Ibu the happiest man👏

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