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“They were $leeping together”- Jasmine’s American ex husband confirms Jasmine was allegedly sleeping with Mr Ibu’s son (VIDEO)



"They were $leeping together"- Jasmine's American ex husband confirms Jasmine was allegedly sleeping with Mr Ibu’s son (VIDEO)

A video of Jasmine’s American ex husband confirming Jasmine was allegedly sleeping with Mr Ibu’s son, also fearing for his life, has surfaced. Jasmine and the American based ex husband were married for 9 months before they parted ways.



Recall that earlier today, Mr Ibu’s wife accused Jasmine of sleeping & secretly marrying her stepson. It has now been confirmed by her ex-husband.

See video below:


Some comments online:


Just imagine!! Someone that couldn’t even manag£ her home wants to manag£ another woman’s own.



Honestly Mr Ibu deserves better instead of sending him prayers and donations. Una dey dr@g his family.



This girl eeh
She really used mr.ibu very well 🥹…..I feel for the wife ….16yrs of marriage and a stranger comes in between and start claiming rights

Can never be me ooo, I no know whether Mrs.ibu no get family members , dem suppose don change am for jasmine one time from when this matter never reach like this



How did this Jasmine enter this family to this extent… Kai. They really let the devil in physical form into their home. 😢


No matter how bad she tagged ibu’s wife! That girl has no right to fight that woman over the money Nigerians contributed for the husband!



I honestly don’t pity mr ibu, not 1 bit. He did this to himself.
3rd marriage and he still didn’t learn to be a good leader.


And I remember m, it was mentioned then that she was married to someone before this American. About this Americana, I also remember their videos trending the , she went to pick from airport then weeks later they marry fiam…..9 months later they separated before he could even process her papers. Now I am wondering if she is woman enough to take care of Mr. Ibu’s home….Well truth will prevail soon

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