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“Not Every Relationship Must End In Marriage” – Bella Okagbue Writes As Her Sister And Fans Put Pressure On Her To Get Married To Sheggz



Reality TV star, Bella Okagbue has reacted after her sister and fans put pressure on her to get married to her boyfriend, Sheggz.

Bella Okagbue on Sheggz

This happened in a question and answer Bella engaged with her fans via her Instagram page. The statement came after the birthday message Bella wrote for Sheggz.



A fan asked if she doesn’t feel she needs to get engaged before hyping Sheggz that much.



She replied; “Wishing my man a hold and hyping him is totally normal. I live in the moment! As of now, everything is perfect and I’m happy ❤️

Ps: Drop that Nigerian mentality, Enjoy the moment. Not every relationship must end in marriage❤️”.

Bella Okagbue on Sheggz


Her sister, Ugegbe asked when is their wedding and when will they be having a baby.

Bella Okagbue on Sheggz

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