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“My Coconut Head, I Miss Those Lips” – Pere Tells Mercy Eke



Big Brother Naija “All Stars” lovebirds, Pere Egbi and Mercy Eke have sparked rumours once more on Twitter.

Pere and Mercy Eke

Pere’s recent disclosure on Twitter, which sparked much speculation, was the latest twist in their ongoing tale.


As soon as he tweeted that he was missing someone, the rumours gradually began to spread.


Many speculated that the tweet was indirectly directed at Mercy, even though opinions varied widely.


Rumours that Mercy was the subject of Pere’s message gained momentum after she responded to his tweet.


However, Mercy swiftly changed the course of the events and deleted her reply.


Though she tried to take back her response, astute internet users had already taken screenshots, strengthening the notion that they were romantically involved.


Pere Egbi wrote: “My coconut head and age muffin I miss those lips”.

Mercy Eke replied: “Hahaha gettattttttttt🙄”.

Pere and Mercy Eke

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