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“I Don’t Know You” – Policeman Tells BBN’s Phyna After She Confronted Him For Recording Her For Allegedly Driving Against Traffic In Lagos (VIDEO)



Reality TV star and actress, Phyna was involved in a mild drama with some operatives of the Nigeria Police at the weekend.

Phyna and police

The BBN star vehicle was stopped by the officers on a highway in Lagos for a stop-and-search operation, however, their mode of operation didn’t sit well with her as the situation quickly degenerated into a verbal altercation.


Amidst the altercation, Phyna went live on Instagram.


Phyna stated that she went live because a police officer was using his phone to record her when she got out of her car, as instructed, in a video that was recorded during the live session.


Phyna: “You would have handled me better”.


Police officer: “I never knew you from anywhere, you call yourself a celebrity. That your celebrity is for you.”
Phyna: “Baba, you for no video. My own be say, you go let me waka from the motor side. You would tell me step out, I would step out, then you video. Not that I’m coming down and you’re carrying camera. No na”.



Watch the video below:


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