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“Dear Nollywood Actors, We Are Not Your Retirement Plan”- Netizens React As Actor Amaechi Mounagor Critically Down With Stroke Seeks Help Online (VIDEO)



Veteran Nollywood actor, Amaechi Muonagor has called for financial support from Nigerians as he gets paralyzed after suffering a partial stroke.

Amaechi muonagor
This comes amid the ongoing health challenges of another veteran Nollywood star, Mr Ibu, who also called on Nigerians from his hospital bed to come to his assistance.



Amaechi recounted how he had suffered the unfortunate condition which has left him unable to walk without aid.



According to his narration, he had been on set with some old colleagues of his a couple of months ago when he decided to take his leave by entering his car and that was when he suffered the stroke.


He thanked God that the incident had occurred when he wasn’t driving, as he wouldn’t have known what could have become of him.


Moreover, he called on well-meaning and charitable people to come to his aid by assisting him in this time of great need.


Watch the video below:



Dear Nollywood Actors, tbe general public is not your Retirement plan. Just like you, the general public have families and friends going through what you guys ho through, we rely on our friends and family to help. Stop exploiting the public because you were popular at some point. At this point, this is now unbecoming and a pattern. E don do! Reach out to all the contacts you made during your reign PRIVATELY! we are all in this country. Nigeria is hard for us all.



When VDM suggested a solution to this problems, y’all bashed him. They’re just trying to hide the truth that no one cares about anyone in the Nollyhood industry


According to his explanation he could be attacked on set where he was shooting… there are so many evil in this Nollywood industry… please makes his account public for donations, very sad 😢



All of Una no get family members??? Ahah any small thing donate kini kan for kini kan 😒 abeg Shey na new update be this



There is no money in the movie industry, help him if you can please, this men are being paid peanuts just to make you all happy, the stress in the game makes us so sick, working like elephants but feed like ants, i feel so sad because the producers will never help, so if your are touched to help him, plz don’t fail to help, for me i have moved on because the industry got no insurance as big as Nollywood, i was working for one producer and almost lost my life on his set, the only thing i remembered was Tc plz try and finish this movie ooooh… My health was not even important to him but his movie…. this ass holes called producer are so heartless. Thank God for the internet this days you can make money from the content you created🙏 the little money i make from Facebook page under 3months is better than what they than what I have been paid in the movie industry for the past 20years 💔💔💔 Na Only TOTO dey make am for the industry…..

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