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“I Will Tell My Side Of The Story, & Also Do A DNA Test After……..”- Mohbad’s Wife, Wunmi Finally Speaks After Accusations Of Che@ting & K!ll!ng Her Husband



Mohbad wife wunmi

Nollywood actress, Iyabo Ojo has shared to the public a text message she recieved from Mohbad’s wife regarding the cheating allegations, and accusation of killing her husband.

The text reads:

Hello ma, ive decided not to speak on anything untill 7th of November which is the coroner inquest because i do not want any side distraction, all i want is justice for my husband which i believe the Nigeria government are working on, after everything i’ll either grant an interview or tell my own story before the whole world, and also DNA is a must!!

Iyabo captioned it:

To everyone who wants to hear from Mohbad’s wife, this is her response ……….
Ikeja General Hospital, please, we hope that by the 7th of November 2023, the next date for the coroner inquest, the full autopsy results will be out….
we’re not giving up on this justice for Mohbad, no matter the dragging, noise makers or distractions,


"I Will Tell My Side Of The Story, & Also Do A DNA Test After........"- Mohbad's Wife, Wunmi Finally Speaks After Accusations Of Che@ting & K!ll!ng Her Husband
Some comments online:


This girl get sense because if she has been talking all this while dem for don twist her matter


It’s the way they’re bullying this poor girl to go do DNA mehn. Something Mohbad didn’t request while he was alive. Omo mehnnn sending her peace and love with light ❤️


This girl is not innocent take it or leave it. You have chosen not to say anything but the very day you lost a man you called your husband, you rushed to make a whole lots of posts, calling the man you said you love guy. She has cooked whole story and know what to feed ppl that will believe her. Story for the gods


But you were quick to come online and cry that they have killed your husband but now you are giving date when to come out and talk is well na only God know weytin happen to imole….May his soul keep resting in perfect peace Amen


I’m so sorry to disappoint her fans. She is not innocent. Only God and Mohbad know. Her baby is Mohbad’s but she knows alot. She is just rehearsing her speech.

@its rhody


Make una Dey play 😂😂😂😂.. she even gave date.. she was fast to come type when her husband passed but refused to speak on anything till now..

Okay Hanty Wunmie your excellency ma, we await your speech after the writer is done and we’ll rehearsed 😂😂😂



It’s unfair this young girl has not been able to grieve her late husband, everyone has opinion on her honesty to her late husband, coming from people who are into cyber crime and maybe rituals , let he who is holy cast the stone now. May we not marry wrong or marry an unfortunate family because really NIGERIAN has happened to this young girl, widow at that age ??? Tarrr

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