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“Heaven & Hell Is Real, What Shall It Profit You To Miss Heaven Because Of Malice”- Man Tells Mercy Chinwo, Judikay & GUC (DETAIL)



"Heaven & Hell Is Real, What Shall It Profit You To Miss Heaven Because Of Malice"- Man Tells Mercy Chinwo, Judikay & GUC (DETAIL)

Fans of gospel singers, Mercy Chinwo and Judikay, have noticed the former label mates stopped congratulating each other on social media, liking or commenting on each other’s post after Mercy had a fallout with Eezee record label.

Few days ago, Judikay celebrated her birthday, and Mercy Chinwo failed to congratulate her, also, upon the announcement of Mercy’s newborn baby, Judikay, unlike before, also snubbed her post and didn’t congratulate her.

Netizens have expressed their displeasure at the attitude people who call themselves ministers of God are currently exhibiting.


Some comments online:





They might actually call to congratulate her out side social media,but to be frank mercy chinwo has not celebrated any of them on her page except Chioma Jesus.I’m following all of them . One good turn deserves another.


So gospel singers the beef woow
Una Dey whine👏




All assistant J£sus are out now b@shing Mercy and Judy . Yet some of you are not even speaking to your friends ,siblings, neighbors, your co-wives/husband, in-laws etc.
Social media is truly a leveler . Mtcheww



Both of them didn’t celebrate each other because Judy Kay’s birthday was the other day and mercy didn’t post her, church people indeed



@bigpresh__ they use to but Mercy wasn’t replying them


Since Eesyconcept stopped managing mercy chinwo, there may be small small chu chu chu within them. It’s not always eazy in Nigeria to break away without any smoh quarell. Her husband is now her manager. Eezy concept don comot body so it is expected that even the musicians under eazyconceot go feel bad somehow or the order



Don’t mind them,heaven is real,hell is also real,@ministerguc what shall it profit you,because of malice,what shall it profit you mummy @officialjudikay,and what shall it profit my mentor mummy @mercychinwo and our crew @eezeeconceptz what shall you all profit just because of malice,you guys miss heaven,with your powerful song many have been saved ,please please please you guy should repent and unité.


It is well, only God knows those that are truly serving him. Not surprised anyway. May God touch their hearts and settle their beef, because honestly this is not expected from those that are singing God’s song, though they’re human too but they should know that People are looking up to them



That they sing in God’s name doesn’t automatically mean they are born again in spirit and truth. If our Lord Jesus Christ can recruit a disciple who later betrayed him with a kiss, then forget the rest. You see them going to minister in some churches and they post it on their page with their full chest and they equally go to other bigger churches to minister but will refuse to post it on their page because they don’t want to be associated with that particular church or MOG but they collected money for performance. Since two female song minister came to perform in my church but didn’t post it on their page like they do when they perform in other churches, I began to hold my reservations about these two and don’t allow myself to be deceived by their voices, anyone..

Judikay mercy chinwo

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