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Beware of users and fake friendships, Doyin is just using you to chase cl0ut- Netizens advice Ilebaye after Doyin revealed she paid 460k for a meal instead of 46k (VIDEO



In a recent video uploaded by reality tv star, Doyin David on social media, she was seen hailing Ilebaye for having so much money and mistakenly transferring 460k to the food seller instead of 46k.

Some comments online


It’s like Doyin is now her PA? True true, success has many friends


Doyin is now using her to chase clout


I hope this girl learns how to be productive and also get that Doyin off her lane becoming obvious she’s a para*site


So doyin is now ilebayes PA, that’s what happens when money comes your way


In this life, beware of users…..that is my advice for ilebaye, she’s young and very naive….see how she was treated in d house….now she’s d one with the millions, people left and right… even the ones dat showed her shege in dat house…I pray she knows and understands that people will show fake friendships and fake smiles when money is involved, when u don’t av,they disappear like smoke

See video below:

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