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Men not doing as well as that partners are always jealous and look for ways to humble their ladies – Erica Nlewedim & Kim Oprah Advises Ladies (VIDEO/DETAIL)



Reality tv star and actress, Erica Nlewedim, has reacted to a viral video of a woman who was more successful than her husband, few years later, the man left her when she became broke, he also abandoned her & their kids.

Reacting to this, Erica tweeted:

Men not doing as well as their partners are always jealous, and look for ways to humble you. Ladies beware!

Kim Oprah replied:

Very scary shit, and it happens more often than we know 😓


Some comments online:


There are billions of men out there doing a lot better than their wives and paying all the bills but they aren’t complaining that their wives are jealous . Small money wey women go see Una go begin yarn anyhow



She is right but before you come for me, just give it a second thought….Alot of men find it very difficult to cope with a woman who earns more than them. And some of these women don’t make it easy either. Just do your due diligence and everyone should manage their ego and ‘mouth’🤞🏿🤞🏿🫤🫤


Honestly,…never lower your standards,they will mess u up!!!


She’s 💯 percent correct… some won’t even want you to work because you earn more than them


What will you say about Ngozi Iwela and Serena Williams?? Submissive is just the key no matter who is richer. A woman should be submissive to her husband..

See the woman’s video below:

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