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“KCee Hasn’t Given Us A Single Show Or A Dime For ‘Ojapiano’ Song” – Igwe Credo Mbem (VIDEO)



Popular Igbo MC, Igwe Credo Mbem has called out his former boss and singer, Kcee for not paying for their work in his hit song “Ajapiano”.

Igwe Credo on Kcee ajapiano

Igwe speaks about his dealing with Kcee in a recent Interview with the Yanbaba TV channel.


He also shared how KCee treated them when they came to Lagos to record the monster hit tune Ojapiano.


Igwe Credo revealed that all he and Ojazzy got paid for their labours on the Ojapiano song and afterwards was 200k.


He noted that when he came out before to attack KCee and went silent afterwards, it was because of the pressure and coercion he got from different people calling and threatening him.


Credo noted that his situation and that of Ojazzy were no different from that of Mohbad.


Watch the video below:

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