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“How I Feel Getting Son, Not Twin Daughters We Were Believing For” – Stan Nze



Nollywood actor, Stan Nze has opened up on how he feels having a baby boy even though he desired twin daughters.

Stan Nze on twins daughters

The actor disclosed in his recent interview how people had prophesies they are going to have two daughter but later had a boy.



In his words; “We were believing God for two girls, we had journaled for them, we believed God for them, put them on our storyboard, we had two clothes on our bed.

People have been sending us gifts and prophesying twins, and so we just held on to those prophecies and promises and it was on our gender reveal that we got the shock of our lives. It’s not even a girl sef, it’s boy.

We were believing God for two girls, and he went to one boy. And like that’s how God does His things. I mean, it’s God, and He will do it the way He wants to. I don’t think we can question him, we can not. I know a couple of my friends have said “hmm Stan, you dey look for twins, you never even carry one.

You never even carry one make you know as e dey be, make una get sleepless night, make una know as e dey be before you ask for two”. I said na your twins? Is it you that will carry it? Leave me and my girls, I will carry them. But I guess God wanted – because what we have wanted were two girls, then a boy later – but God brought the boy first.

So we are still believing God for our girls. We are still holding on for Chizaram and Chichetaram and they are still going to come and we are still going to be here to testify and share the good news. This is still good news, just a different kind of good news. God did it a different way.”

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