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“Stop Generalizing It, Speak For Yourself”- Tiktoker Sl@ms Phyna For Saying Every Woman Has Done Abortion Once Or Twice (VIDEO)



Phyna on abortion

A tiktoker identified as Kuddy, has slammed reality tv star, Phyna for accusing every woman of committing abortion once or twice in their lives. The tiktoker and most online users slammed Phyna for generalizing such an act, rather, she should speak for herself.

See video below:


Some comments online:


E get some information wey even state CID , EFCC, the NAF, no suppose fit force out from your mouth. Those of you that voted this girl , na una vote TInubu because wetin be this?


Is her audacity for me . Imagine generalizing because you have done abortion you now thinks every woman has done it. Inapuara


Ha! She said that? My dear, speak for yourself and your sisters oh. I’m 30 and I have never in my life done it.



Is it that the Phyna lady does not have a manager or what?. How can she keep saying stuffs like this with so much confidence?. Silence is indeed golden.




I have never done it and i pray i will never fall into a situation that will make me do it. I gave birth to all my three children. She dey mad😂😂😂😂. Speak for yourself biko.


She’s speaking for herself and her fans 😂

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